Photograph by Stephaine Flay

Tea stations are one of our most popular set-ups at weddings and events.

A  tea station set up with pretty vintage china styles your venue and refreshes your guests - perfect for after the ceremony or at the evening reception. We have set up tea stations in country halls, marquees, garden settings, private homes, boutique hotels and resorts.

All that is needed is access to a nearby power point for the use of an electric urn and a long trestle table.

Items included in basic hire package for a self-serve station

- English fine bone china  & saucers
- Milk jugs, sugar bowls 

- A timber caddy, tins or vintage bowls to hold tea bags

- A china bowl/dish for used tea bags and teaspoons

- Silver teaspoons and sugar tongs

- Vintage tablecloths for the tea table, bunting & other decorative accessories such as crystal bud vases. 

- An (8.8 L) electric urn - if your venue does not provide one














- not included in Extra optionsbasic package


 For serving loose leaf teas when you have staff at the venue who are willing to take care of this for you. For larger China teapotsevents we recommend you make your tea station self-serve and provide guests with a variety of teas in bags to choose from.


- If you are not providing your own teas for the station we can recommend and supply tea from our Teas favourite tea companies. Organic and boutique teas are available in biodegradable silk pyramid bags and natural bleach free bags made from Japanese paper can be purchased from Red Sparrow Tea Co for their loose leaf teas. Please contact us for prices.


Price is based upon the number of tea cups required. We find 40 to 50 teacups to be the ideal number for events of around 100 guests where not every person in attendance will be drinking tea. 

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Photograph by Stephaine Flay